The guy behind FarmVille might ditch Zynga for other projects [Rumor]

FarmVille Sad Cow
FarmVille Sad Cow

FarmVille might have an allegedly sordid past of infringements and acquisitions, but Zynga's flagship game still has a name behind it: Mark Skaggs. However, Business Insider reports that the EA designer turned FarmVille maestro might look elsewhere for his next big game. That is, if Zynga can't continue to pique his interest after his work on a super secret game is through.

Business Insider claims, citing several nameless sources, that Skaggs plans to stick with Zynga for the next six to 12 months, or until work on his "huge, unannounced project" is complete. After that, the FarmVille and CityVille mastermind will look both in and out of Zynga for his next big project. Mr. 'Ville is hungry for a challenge, based on the sound of Business Insider's report.

Skaggs is one of Zynga's earliest--and arguably most important--employees, having laid the foundation for the developer's wild, multibillion dollar success on Facebook. Should the rumors be true, you can bet Zynga will do everything in its power to keep the star designer intrigued. That's especially so considering the company already lost one of the main minds behind CityVille to Idle Games, a potential competitor that promises to revolutionize Facebook games. We've reached out to Zynga for comment.

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