Pot Farm maker East Side Games shuffles onto Google+ with Zombinis

Zombinis on Google+How exactly do you follow a Facebook game like Pot Farm? A game with exploding zombie critters with removable limbs might do the trick. East Side Games has launched its next big social game, Zombinis, on Google+, where it will live exclusively for the next 30 days. Zombinis is a far cry from Pot Farm: Players collect and train various zombified creatures to do battle with each other.

The game's various zombie creatures engage in scuffles that are largely decided by a rock-paper-scissors system of monster types. Every monster in the game is assigned to either Land, Sea or Air--and each type is both strong against one and weak against another. For instance, Land type Zombinis trump Sea-based monsters, while Air beasts are effective against Land and so forth.

Zombinis employs an art style akin to raunchy '90s cartoons like Ren and Stimpy or Beavis and Butthead, which turns out to be quite fitting, given the tone of the game. While in battle, successful attacks are decided by virtual dice rolls (literally), and when either combatant is hit by an attack they'll lose limbs. Of course, players have to work to keep their Zombinis in fit fighting shape with a steady supply of body parts.
Zombinis on Google+
At least at first glance, this is an interesting, slightly edgier take on the stable of Pokémon-style social games floating around. Google+ must be doing something right, as this is the network's second exclusive release this past week alone. And a visually unique one at that.

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[Via Inside Social Games]

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