The Hunger Games on Facebook looks more adorable than you read

The Hunger Games Adventures
Life in the dystopian nation of Panem is a bleak, abysmal scar of what North America used to be in "The Hunger Games." Well, at least that's the way we imagine it comes off in famed author Suzanne Collins' trilogy of young adult novels. The Facebook game set to launch in time with the upcoming movie, however, looks way more ... cuddly than we bet most had imagined while reading.

The Huffington Post scored an exclusive preview of the upcoming branded social game The Hunger Games Adventures, courtesy of developer Funtactix, and has posted the first-ever revealed images of the tie-in. The game essentially takes the world of Panem and translates it into a format that every Facebook gamer is familiar with: the cutesy, isometric, asynchronous simulator.
The Hunger Games Adventures preview
According to HuffPost, both Collins and the producers behind the upcoming film worked with Funtactix in making The Hunger Games Adventures. This explains why protagonists Katniss and Peeta look like caricatured versions of the actress and actor that portray both on the silver screen. But it's the platform that seems to be behind most of the creative decisions here.

For instance, purists might be bummed to find that characters cannot be killed in battle, but will merely disappear or walk away from defeat. (Though, mega fans should be psyched to know that this is where the first-ever map of Panem will be revealed.) While the game is leaps and bounds beyond it graphically speaking, HuffPost likens the game to FarmVille. Something tells us that is far from what Collins was going for in her novels.

[Image Credit: Funtactix]

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