SimCity coming to PC / Mac in 2013, is social

Last month, gamers everywhere had their hopes raised as rumors of a new title in the classic SimCity franchise began swirling around EA's then upcoming Game Changers event at GDC. Well, tonight those rumors came true, as the Game Changers event not only announced the existence of a new title in the SimCity franchise, but also gave us some interesting details about the game.

As reported by Kotaku, SimCity will be released on both PC and Mac sometime in 2013. The game will be social, offering a new feature called "Social Flow." This feature will see your own city (and your actions therein) affecting the cities of other players. That is, resources within the game universe are limited (similarly to how resources are limited here in the real world) and the decisions that both you and other players make will impact the development of your own city along the way.

From a technical standpoint, this is set to be the most modern SimCity yet, both in design and appearance as we'll finally be able to build curved roads in these cities that come in full 3D.

According to the new SimCity website, other social features include sending fire trucks to your friends' cities to squash blazes or being more than a bit naughty by sending mass pollution their way (causing your friends' Sims to become sick as a result). You can even combine your efforts in certain technological spaces, reaching greater heights than you may have originally been able to on your own (like launching shuttles into space).

While the wait to get our hands on this exciting new entry in the SimCity franchise may be a long one, we at least have a trailer to tide us over. You can check it out below.

Are you excited by these details about the new SimCity? Will you be one of the first to dive into the game when it launches next year? Share your excitement with us in the comments!