NimbleBit's Pocket Planes soars over tiny towers on iPhone this summer

Pocket Planes
Pocket Planes

The Tiny Tower creator looks to strike iPhone game gold once again. Pocket Planes is the NimbleBit's next iOS game, revealed to TouchArcade at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. According to the website, this free-to-play game is markedly different from its predecessor, despite employing the same adorable, classic Nintendo-like art style.

In Pocket Planes, players will run their very own airline from a small-time operation into a global commercial flight empire akin to Virgin Airlines. (Though, we seriously things will go "Galactic" in Pocket Planes.) Players will have to ferry passengers around the globe in 100 percent customizable planes to real-life locations across a cute little map of the Earth.

Of course, the game will contain microtransactions, though NimbleBit promises TouchArcade that it will balance the money-making scheme so that it retains the fun factor for those who refuse to pay up. Based on this in-depth preview of the game, Pocket Planes sounds far more complex than Tiny Tower ever was, something NimbleBit is admittedly worried about.

That said, everyone knows the name Tiny Tower, thanks to both a "Game of the Year" nod on the App Store in late 2011 and ... recent events. As excited as we are to see the next big NimbleBit game, we almost wish the developer would have waited a bit longer to reveal Pocket Planes. You know, so it could have a healthy head start? Pocket Planes is due out this summer.

[Via PocketGamer]

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