Pioneer Trail Prospect Falls: Everything you need to know to get started


If you're busy preparing your Stagecoach in Pioneer Trail, so that you can access the game's newest expansion - Prospect Falls - early, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has revealed many of the new elements we'll experience in this new land, which adds a bit of a CityVille twist to the standard frontier formula.

First and foremost, this isn't a short-term project that we'll be able to finish in a few days and then forget about. It's a lengthy process, adding plenty of depth and content to the game (including new music and sound effects). Prospect Falls will come with quests to complete, and will allow you to gather a new currency that can be used to purchase buildings and decorations for this home away from your homestead. Prospect Falls will even offer at least one land expansion as you go along.

Prospect Falls' currency comes in the form of Gold Nuggets, while you'll also need a new item called Grub to feed your animals (instead of just using energy as on the traditional homestead). To build new structures, you may need to collect Redwood Logs. All of these resources, including Determination (energy) are used to increase the population of Prospect Falls, making it a booming little mining town in the middle of the forest.

Mines and Rocker Boxes (among other items) will be scattered around the landscape when you arrive in Prospect Falls, and collecting from these gives you some of the materials listed above. You'll use those materials to construct buildings and earn new population. In turn, your city will produce more coins along the way, completing the cycle. Similar to CItyVille, where you must add new buildings to your town in order to unlock room to house more citizens (your town's population cap), here, you'll need to add more citizens to Prospect Falls to unlock slots to grow animals or plant crops.

Any Gold Rush Vouchers you've been collecting back on your Homestead can be used to purchase new crates in Prospect Falls. One crate will contain a random selection of animals, while another contains those resources like Redwood Logs or Grub mentioned above. There are new collections to complete along the way, and much more. This is set to be the most complex expansion we've ever seen in Pioneer Trail (even more so than the Pioneer Trail maps themselves), so keep checking back with us as we bring you more details about Prospect Falls!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

Are you excited for the launch of Prospect Falls in Pioneer Trail, or do you think your homestead and overall game is fine without the addition of this second land to maintain? Sound off in the comments.