Jetpack Joyride's Gadgets Update will send players soaring [Video]

Jetpack Joyride Gadgets Update
Jetpack Joyride Gadgets Update

Halfbrick clearly knows how to milk a good thing for all it's worth. The Brisbane, Australia-based creator of mobile freemium hit Jetpack Joyride plans to unleash the Gadgets Update to the App Store this coming April. Based on the goofy trailer below, scientists at Legitimate Research have been busy crafting various gadgets for protagonist Barry Steakfries to test.

Among the gadgets that players will get to buy with their hard-earned coins are Air Barrys, which will let players bound over obstacles with grace (and fly kicks), Ezy-Dodge Missiles and Free Ride, which sounds like Barry will drive into the test lab wall rather than just run through. The apparently massive update will also pack achievements for players to aspire to.

"With over 16 million people playing Jetpack Joyride, we want to continue doing what we do best--awesome updates for our fans," Halfbrick CMO Phil Larsen said in a release. "These achievements and gadgets bring an all-new layer of gameplay and customization that will provide our fans with a unique experience every time they fire up the game." But enough talk, just let the trailer below do the rest:

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