Galaxy Life crash lands on desktops through Pokki, Digital Chocolate

Galaxy Life
Galaxy Life

Believe it or not, but getting to your social games somehow gets easier than logging into Facebook and clicking a few icons. Well, that is if you're a Windows user and are a fan of "core" social games. Digital Chocolate is the next social game maker to sign on with Sweetlabs' Pokki--the platform that brings an iOS-like app experience to Windows--plopping its new game Galaxy Life there.

Galaxy Life is a "hardcore" Facebook strategy game in vein of hits like Backyard Monsters and Dragons of Atlantis hiding beneath a cutesy, casual shell. Even so, the developer feels that having its core games available in more places is vital to its success.

"Giving consumers multiple ways of accessing our content is critical to our success, and we're excited to expand the reach of our titles through our partnership with Pokki," Digital Chocolate COO Jason Loia said in a release. "Letting players access Galaxy Life directly from their desktop gives us strategic distribution advantages, and we're confident that Pokki will provide added convenience and accessibility for our gamers while helping us increase engagement and retention."

Translation: Digital Chocolate, like social game makers Kabam and EA, hope that services like Pokki will make their games easier to get into so that players will stick around for longer and come back often. If it ends up working, social game makers could have one more place to reach their audience outside of Facebook, which seems to be a trend these days.

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