Astro Garden: Repair your garden and regain your memory on Facebook


While there are plenty of farming and even city-building games available to play on Facebook, 6waves Lolapps has released a new game that combines a bit of both with crisp graphics and a fair amount of polish. In Astro Garden, you'll find yourself thrown into a relatively nice, finished farm. A storm rolls in and destroys the farm (and your memory), leaving you to take over the task of rebuilding the land to its former glory and even improving upon it after the fact.

Astro Garden comes with the expected gameplay mechanics: you'll chop down trees to earn wood that can be used to construct new buildings, completing actions will draw out monsters that need to be scared or otherwise driven off of your land, and you'll plant crops to earn food and money. As you collect these items, they'll go into your shed for storage where they can also be sold if you're running low on cash.

You'll complete missions along the way, most of which deal with the game's futuristic setting. That is, while you may be in the middle of a forest with plenty of nature all around you, there's advanced technology here (in more than just the game's decor) that will allow you to craft items like hybrid plants using the collectibles you'll find at random while playing. For instance, you can craft something called a Strawberry Volcano crop by using a Strawberry, piece of Amber and bag of Phosphorous, with the latter two items being found at random when you chop down trees.


You can craft all sorts of items via your in-game Laboratory, including decorations, and you will eventually be able to have access to four of these crafting buildings at once to increase your overall production. Crafting these items, along with completing the game's basic missions, will see you "regaining your memory" after the storm through a series of chapters and achievements. These are more secondary features to the overall gameplay of building your farm, but they are a unique element in the grand scheme of things.

In terms of social features, you'll be able to visit your friends' Astro Gardens and complete five tasks while there, like feeding their animals. Overall, Astro Garden may not have the most inventive gameplay, but its fun graphics and craft-one-of-everything mindset are perfect for those looking to pour a significant amount of time into a new experience. There's a lot of fun to be had here in Astro Garden, proving that the farming genre still has plenty of life left to live.

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