Archie, Jughead and crew score their very own iPhone, Android game


Classic comic book characters and mobile devices, somehow, has proved to be a perfect fit. The Archie and crew have been around for over 70 years, and it's finally time for the iconic series to get on with the times. Archie Comics and Canadian casual game maker Gogii Games have announced that they're already working on a multi-platform, free-to-play Archie game.

Famous characters Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead will star in the upcoming game, which will launch on iPhone, iPad, Android and Flash. (We're gonna guess "Flash" means "Facebook and Google+.") Of course, the game will take place at Riverdale High, but not much else has been revealed--not even its title--other than that an Archie game has been discussed for months.

"On a personal level, I'm ecstatic to see my favorite childhood characters in a game," Gogii Games president and founder George Donovan said in a release. "I know this is going to be for the whole family. My parents and my kids know these characters. Archie is an icon, and we intend to create a virtual Archie's universe worthy of the brand. The synergy between Archie Studios and Gogii was there right away. It's incredible; I couldn't imagine a better partnership."

It sounds as if Gogii Games and Archie Comics aim to attract a wide demographic with the Archie mobile game. But we're willing to bet that the game will be more a hit with the older crowd, given the fact that Archie has been around since the '40s. Here's to hoping Archie and crew won't be stuck farming crops or something.

[Image Credit: Archie Comics]

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