Zynga's Snack & Play Frito Lay Promotion: Your step-by-step guide to earning prizes

Now that we're a few days into March, it's likely that your local Walmarts have started stocking the Zynga game branded Frito-Lays chips. If you're ready to earn all of the limited edition goodies those bags provide in CityVille, CastleVille and FarmVille, we're here with a guide on helping you do just that!

For the record, we'll use FarmVille as the example here, but you can follow the same steps to earn items across all three games. Just remember, codes are one-time-use only, so if you only have a single bag of Cheetos, as an example, you'll need to choose which of the three matching prizes you want, depending on the game.

Step 1: Find the code written on the side of your bag.

Step 2: Enter this code at the "Game Cards" page of the game of your choice: CityVille, CastleVille or FarmVille. Hit "Redeem."

Step 3: See your rewards!

In the case of this Ruffles bag in FarmVille, I received a Chip-to-go Bistro building for one of my farms. This will be found inside my Gift Box the next time I load the game. As you can also see, you'll receive 1 single Farm Cash per code that you redeem in FarmVille, as the game needs to give the card some sort of value, other than zero.

For each code that you redeem, you'll earn a checkmark next to that particular prize on the same Game Card page. This allows you to keep track of how many items you need to collect in order to be eligible for the Super Item. If you earn five items in FarmVille, for instance, and redeem a Game Card (also purchased at Walmart), you'll receive a free Spring Pegacorn as your final prize. These prizes, of course, vary across the three games participating in the promotion.

Remember, you're looking for a display like the one shown above, somewhere near the registers at your local Walmart. If your store doesn't have this stand up yet, just keep checking back as it should appear sometime within the month-long promotional period. Have fun collecting the items that you want most!

What do you think of Zynga's Snack and Play promotion? Have you purchased any chips to earn items in your games? Which ones? Sound off in the comments.