House of the Day: Charlotte Chateau Is a Rare Vintage

We write about a lot of edgy contemporaries and glass-walled luxury mansions. Consider this one a necessary breather.

Size-wise, it's comparable to some of the less palatable McMansions on the market at almost 10,000 square feet, but architecturally, it's something else. The $3.95 million home in Charlotte, N.C., looks like a cross between a centuries-old French chateau and "Wuthering Heights" Manor, with decor to match.

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House of the Day: Charlotte Chateau Is a Rare Vintage

The interior design of the home is unabashedly antiquarian -- gilded frames, dripping brass chandeliers, candlesticks atop polished 17th-century fireplace mantels, heavy silk drapes, 200-year-old reclaimed beams bracing the kitchen ceiling. The bathrooms are as far away from generic white tile as you can get, instead boasting clawfoot tubs with brass plumbing, and exquisite antique vanities. Normally not our style, but there is something so beautiful and rare about this anti-modern, bygone era-vibe that we really dig.

Don't be fooled into thinking it doesn't have its share of modern luxuries, though. Outside, the home boasts a colossal swimming pool -- and spa with waterfall -- that somehow still blend seamlessly into the home's classic landscape. The home features five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and three half-baths.

Helen Adams of Helen Adams Realty has the listing.

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