FarmVille Mystery Game (03/04/12): Win St. Patrick's Day items with a bit of luck

This week's FarmVille Mystery Game brings the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday to the forefront of the game, offering themed items for those who love holidays, or just like the color green. These items are mostly animals, save for the bonus prize which is technically a decoration. But watch out - if you like to collect anything with "Pegasus" or "Unicorn" in the name, you'll have two prizes to really shoot for here. Each dart costs 20 Farm Cash to throw.

Leprechaun Cow
Leprechaun Duck
Leprechaun Squirrel
Lucky Pony
Shamrock Pegasus
Shamrock Unicorn

As usual, if you can manage to win one of each of these six items, you'll walk away with a special seventh prize for free: the Lucky Bird. This is the aforementioned decoration, that, while looking like an animal, doesn't actually offer you any chance to harvest it. Just remember, earning that prize is usually easier said than done, as winning duplicate items can easily stack up the Farm Cash price you'll end up paying for all of the items in the long run.

Good luck if you're going after the Lucky Bird prize!

What do you think of this week's selection of prizes in the FarmVille Mystery Game? Have you thrown any darts at the board this week? Which prize(s) did you win? Sound off in the comments.