FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Items: Macadamia Tree, Hawaii Resort and more

If you've already jumped into Hawaiian Paradise in FarmVille, you can now really celebrate the tropical fun with some new limited edition themed items that have launched in the store. There are new trees, animals and more available to purchase; here's a complete rundown of the newly released items.


Macadamia Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Choco Macadamia Tree - 13,000 Coconuts or 12 Farm Cash
Flip Flop Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Flip Flop Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Dalesbred Sheep - 2.5 million coins
Giant Aloha Sheep - 18 Farm Cash
Hawaiian Dog - 12,500 Coconuts or 12 Farm Cash
Hibiscus Boar - 16 Farm Cash
Hibiscus Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Aloha Sheep - 20,000 Coconuts or 16 Farm Cash


Hawaii Resort - 25 Farm Cash
Hawaii Gazebo - 15 Farm Cash


Spa Bath Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Coral Reef Arch - 7,000 Coconuts or 8 Farm Cash
Palm Trees - 3 Farm Cash

Avatar Clothing

Green Grass Skirt - 2 Farm Cash
Orange Grass Skirt - 2 Farm Cash
Pink Grass Skirt - 2 Farm Cash

These items will only be available in the game's store for the next two weeks. With Zynga removing the ability to earn Coconuts outside of your Hawaiian Paradise farm (apparently that was never intended to be allowed to begin with), you might need to resort to spending Farm Cash on some of those Coconut items. That ultimately will be up to you.

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What do you think of these newest Hawaiian Paradise items in FarmVille? Were you able to earn plenty of Coconuts before Zynga removed the ability to earn them across all farms? Sound off in the comments.