Crime City now holds up Android phones and iPhones simultaneously

Crime City Android
Now that's one talented criminal mobile game. Funzio has announced that Crime City, its hit gangster game for Facebook, iPhone and Google+ is now available for a number of Android devices. Of course, the game is free-to-play. Better yet, Crime City now sports cross-platform play, meaning Android-based ruffians can stick it to iPhone-loving hoodlums and vice versa.

"The dominant companies five years from now are going to be those that have figured out how to deliver compelling game experiences to people regardless of device, technology, location and regardless of price," Funzio VP of Business Development Jamil Moledina claims. "When I met with the Funzio guys, it was very clear to me that they were driving toward the cross-platform future. And so this is kind of a first step on that road to get there."
Crime City Android in action
Hot off the heels of a Google+ exclusive, Crime City marks Funzio's push for games that are truly cross-platform, and Moledina tells us that he left EA for the developer last year based on his vision of the future of mobile and social games. That said, Crime City for Android isn't merely a carbon copy of what's available on iPhone. This version packs stronger, fairer matchmaking and is optimized for several Android hardware and software configurations.

"The game takes into account a lot of the learnings we had from fielding Modern War on iOS," Moledina admits. "In some ways, you can consider it Crime City 1.5--it's probably the best version of the game that we have."

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