CityVille US Embassy: Collect Passport Stamps for themed prizes

The third Embassy has now launched in CityVille, and if you've been keeping track of the items recently released in the store, you'll likely know which country it's for. That's right, we now have an American Embassy, allowing you to collect a new kind of Passport Stamp that can be used to earn six prizes within the Embassy.

You'll be able to ask your friends for Passport Stamps by placing a general news item on your wall, or you can buy them outright for City Cash. Once you start accumulating some Stamps, you can turn them in for one of six different prizes:

  • 36 Passport Stamps - American Surfer Decoration

  • 66 Passport Stamps - Roswell Hotel Decoration

  • 75 Passport Stamps - Pendleton Place Home

  • 90 Passport Stamps - Ghost Town Trading Post

  • 150 Passport Stamps - Crescent Cottage

  • 150 Passport Stamps - Potato Chip Factory Community Building

If these items look familiar, it's because you can also purchase them with City Cash from the store (or from within the Embassy's menu itself). If you've already purchased some of these items with Cash, I suppose the only consolation I can give would be to suggest you save Passport Stamps for one of the other items you didn't buy instead.

We know that there will still be at least two more Embassy's released in the CityVille Welcome the World feature before all is said and done, but what those particular countries will be remains a mystery. We'll continue to update you as this massive in-game feature continues to grow, so keep checking back with us!

What do you think of the six prizes being offered in the American Embassy? Will you save up Passport Stamps for any of them, or will you skip all of that and purchase them with City Cash instead? Sound off in the comments.