CityVille Upgrade Your Train: Everything you need to know

While the train has been a part of CityVille since the very beginning of the game, it's usefulness over the past few months has come into question. I know myself, I tend to forget the train even exists, as I have plenty of other ways to earn Goods or coins in my town. Still, Zynga looks to update the train to be more useful than ever by releasing upgrades and new routes for your trains to take! This train upgrade feature requires that you be at least Level 22 to access it. You still won't be able to move the location of the train in your town, but you may have to move items that currently sit around it, as the new train station is much larger than the current station.

To upgrade your Train Station from Level 1 (its original form) to Level 2, you'll need to complete three steps (or pay around 200 City Cash to skip them all).

  • Send 10 Train Routes to Earn Goods

  • Send 10 Train Routes to Earn Coins

  • Gather Parts

The Part upgrading process is a standard one, asking you to collect six each of Caboose, Freight Cars, Passenger Cars, Coal Cars and Ticket Scanners. These items are earned through a combination of general news items on your wall and individual requests sent to neighbors.

Once you've upgraded your Train Station to Level 2, you'll be able to send out additional train routes that aren't available at its base level. These routes include new Tourist Routes that can be used to earn coins while spending Goods, and can also be used to fulfill the many goal requirements that ask you to send out a specific number of Tourists. Your Level 2 Train Station will also come with the permanent upgrade of offering 1.5x the number of Goods on routes that earn Goods. That is, if you send out a route that will originally bring back 100 Goods to your city, it will now bring back 150 at no additional cost.

You can continue to upgrade your Train further, up to Level 3, but this final upgrade makes the station even larger than before, meaning that you will likely have to move items around even more just to make space for it. Still, it just might be worth it in the long run, so feel free to start in on these upgrades as soon as you can, even if just to get them out of the way.

What do you think of these upgrades to the CityVille Train Station? Do you still frequently use your Train Station, or had you abandoned that feature long ago in your town? Sound off in the comments.