CityVille Face the Facts: Everything you need to know

As Zynga says, visiting other countries in CityVille (via the release of themed items and goals) is pretty fun, but we shouldn't forget the Founding Fathers. This leaves us to complete a new goal that will require you to expand your land to receive a new landmark. The Face the Facts goal doesn't have an expiration time limit as of this writing, but you might want to start on it sooner, rather than later.

Face the Facts!

  • Have 5 US themed residences in your city

  • Collect 15 Mt. Fourhead Souvenirs

  • Expand to Mt. Fourhead

In this goal, we see the real-world landmark Mt. Rushmore being replaced with Mr. Fourhead, a large rock formation that contains cutouts of four different characters within the game. Depending on where you've already expanded your own individual city, you might need to expand once or twice to ultimately reach Mt. Fourhead, by completing the same tasks that you'd expect: adding citizens to your town and collecting Zoning Permits with the help of friends.

As for the Mt. Fourhead Souvenirs, these can be earned at random when collecting rent from your US themed residences. For an easier way to figure out which houses "count" for that category, just go into the game's store and click on the "USA" tab to see those homes that will count.

Remember, when you finish this goal, Mt. Fourhead will go into your inventory, so that you can place it anywhere in your city that you'd like; it doesn't have to stay "stuck" in your new land expansion. You'll also receive two Zoning Permits for completing the goal itself. When you place Mt. Fourhead into your game, it will offer you a maximum population cap boost of 600 citizens.

Again, there's no time limit on this goal thus far, but Zynga has been known to randomly add time limits to goals without warning, so if you're really interested in having Mt. Fourhead in your city, make sure to complete this one as soon as you can! Good luck!

What do you think of the Face the Facts goal in CityVille? Would you have preferred this item be a more accurate representation of Mt. Rushmore instead? Sound off in the comments.