CityVille Theme Park Goals: Everything you need to know

Along with the launch of the Theme Park in CityVille, a three-part goal series is now available to complete in your city. This goal series will simply guide you through the building process of your Theme Park, asking you to store certain attractions and spawn others in your game along the way. Here's a complete guide to finishing these goals, along with the rewards that you'll receive in exchange.

One Down, Two to Go!
  • Place Your Theme Park
  • Finish Section 1 of the Theme Park
  • Open Up Section 2 of the Theme Park

The Theme Park is a massive structure, so you'll likely need to reorganize some things, or even expand your city to place it. To finish Section 1, you'll need to place the Go Karts and Ferris Wheel inside, and then build the Roller Coaster inside the Theme Park itself. This Roller Coaster can't be removed from the Theme Park, but must be built to move on. Building the Roller Coaster requires five each of Coaster Wheels, Track Sections, Coaster Cars, Brakes and Shoulder Harnesses. Of course, these items are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 100 Goods.

Almost Done!
  • Finish Section 2 of the Theme Park
  • Collect from Theme Park 5 Times
  • Open Up Section 3 of the Theme Park

Finishing Section 2 of the Theme Park requires that you place the Reverse Bungee and Pirate Ship Ride inside. You'll also need to build the Wave Pool. Similar to the Roller Coaster, this Wave Pool can't be taken out of the Theme Park and it requires 25 items to construct: five each of Life Jackets, Boogie Boards, Whistles, Inner Tubes and Deck Chairs. When you complete these three steps, you'll finish this goal and receive 200 Goods.

Go For a Ride!
  • Finish Section 3 of the Theme Park
  • Collect 50 Theme Park Tickets
  • Supply your Theme Park 8 Times

Instead of waiting for Wrenches as usual, you'll need to use Goods to supply the Theme Park in the future. Finishing Section 3 asks you to place the Executive Driving Range within the Theme Park, and then asks you to build not one, but two new items: Magic Castle and Sky Ride. The Magic Castle requires 25 building materials: five each of Topiary, Castle Gates, Castle Windows, Castle Turrets and Park Flags. Sky Ride, meanwhile, requires five each of Sky Tracks, Sky Carts, Ride Tickets, Support Towers and Safety Signs. Both of these items are permanent additions to the Theme Park, meaning that you won't be able to take them out. Finally, the Theme Park Tickets are earned by either asking your friends to send them to you, or by collecting from businesses (they'll drop at random). Finishing this final Theme Park goal rewards you with 300 Goods.

Building the Theme Park is definitely time consuming, and you'll lose a lot of land space until you can actually start storing items inside, but once you do, you'll have a one-stop shop for your citizens to have some fun in your town! Good luck finishing off these three goals!

[Via CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of the Theme Park? Will you build it, even though it's a huge structure? Sound off in the comments.
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