Mobage pushes into iOS with Putt Putt Penguin and Ninja Royale

While Mobage may offer gamers access to a few dozen free-to-play titles via the social platform on Android, ngmoco is just beginning to push Mobage onto iOS with the release of two games this week: DeNA's Ninja Royale and OMGPop's Putt Putt Penguin. Both games, as the Mobage platform suggests, are free to play, but Ninja Royale does offer extra in-app purchases to help you progress.

Ninja Royale allows you to choose from three clans, each with a different animal affiliation, and then complete missions and battles by simply tapping on your environment to explore. You'll also be able to tap on interesting items (exclamation points, treasure chests, etc.) as they appear on the screen to engage in battles or open those chests, as the case may be. If you wind up in battle, you'll need to use a combination of skills to defeat your enemies, with tapping and swiping your finger on these enemies being the norm. In this way, the game is very reflex-heavy, but still fairly intuitive as you don't need to memorize lengthy combos as in traditional console fighting games. You'll earn experience points and rewards along the way, as you complete a storyline to take your clan to the top of the ninja world.

Meanwhile, Putt Putt Penguin is a simple, level based miniature golf game that replaces your golf ball with a penguin and the traditional AstroTurf with ice and other winter-themed materials. Each hole has a different layout and obstacles blocking your penguin from an easy hole-in-one, and you'll also be able to go after three stars in each level, while always trying to stay under the "Par" amount of shots for that particular hole.

Putt Putt Penguin is a universal app, meaning that you can play the game natively on iPad or iPhone for free, while Ninja Royale is only native to the iPhone. With Blackjack! for Mobage, the platform's first game, being released on iTunes last month, it will be interesting to see how quickly the entire catalog expands onto iOS. We'll make sure to let you know as any other interesting titles make their way over as well.

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Have you tried either Ninja Royale or Putt Putt Penguin on Android or iOS? What additional Mobage games do you hope are quickly ported over to the iOS platform? Sound off in the comments.

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