Google's next big gaming push could be its very own tablet [Report]

Google Play tablet
Google Play tablet

With games on Google+ in full swing, it's clear that the search giant is bullish on online gaming. In fact, yesterday saw the social network's fifth exclusive game launch in Kingdom Age. Now, Fusible reports that Google could have registered several domain names on Feb. 29, all of which contain a variation of the words "Google Play." (And what do people play? Games.)

This could be the name of the rumored 7-inch, Google-branded tablet that the company is supposedly working on. If this Google tablet is, in fact, known as the Google Play, it simply screams gaming. (And we all know how huge games are for Apple's iPad.) But to point even more arrows to a game-focused tablet, some of the domains mention games directly, like "" and "".

Of course, this is all speculation at this point, as Google has not been confirmed as the registrant of the domains. However, according to Fusible, Google frequently uses MarkMonitor, the brand protection company through which these domain names were found. CNET reports that the rumored Google tablet will hit this April, and based on Google's recent moves toward gaming with Google+ Games and projects like Play Your World, the Google Play could be big on games.

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