Fumbies: The Cloud Creatures fill in for the Care Bears on iPhone, iPad

Fumbies: The Cloud Creatures
Riddle us this: How does Hello Kitty have two games on Apple's App Store, while the Care Bears are nowhere to be found? Before you ponder that for too long, know that Beeline Interactive, Capcom's mobile games division, and developer Meow Entertainment look to fill that void with Fumbies: The Cloud Creatures, a free-to-play game for iPhone and iPad.

And if you doubt that the Fumbies look to offer what the Care Bears haven't for mobile gamers, check out this description by Beeline: "Developed by Meow Entertainment, the game lets players care for magical bear-like creatures that inhabit a floating island in the clouds," a release reads. If you've ever seen an episode--heck, even a clip of an episode--of the classic '80s cartoon, then you know exactly what we mean.
Fumbies in action
Fumbies lets players train their various cloud critters' strength, intelligence and charisma in a full 3D world to help them better tackle three mini games: cloud washing, cloud catcher and cloud machine games. Of course, players will earn coins from these activities to unlock over 100 different costumes for their Fumbies from astronaut suits to doctors' scrubs and pirates' garb.

The Fumbies' house can be upgraded and decorated, too, and as you do that, the little buggers will interact with the items you place on their floating home. The Fumbies will slide down slides, rock the dance floor, and even fire themselves from cannons. Given Beeline Interactive's reputation for mega popular branded mobile games, we're left wondering why American Greetings didn't hop all over this.

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