FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise: Coconut Unwither Ring will save your tropical crops

With the launch of any new farm in FarmVille comes the possibility that you'll forget about your crops, only to have them wither before you can come back and harvest them. Even if you don't forget about your crops, sometimes life's other responsibilities can leave you unable to harvest your crops. With Hawaiian Paradise, those lost crops (and lost profits) matter even more than on other farms, as you'll need all of the Coconuts you can get to progress. Coins aren't an option here, but saving your crops with the new Coconut Unwither Ring is one way to save your crops, and your Coconuts in the process.

This Unwither Ring comes in a fun Coconut ring box, but you won't receive a discount over previous rings, as this one costs the same price tag of 250 Farm Cash. That's around $46 US if you purchase Farm Cash at its normal price tag, but I suppose if you're already purchasing a Zynga Game Card to take advantage of the current Frito-Lays promotion, you can use some of that money to purchase this ring as an extra reward for yourself.

Whether you're purchasing your first Unwither Ring, or are just completing your collection, this particular Unwither Ring looks like it will be available for quite some time in the game's store, as it has no expiration date as of this writing. That means you'll have plenty of time to save up the Farm Cash necessary to purchase it, if you don't happen to have that much cash on hand right now. We'll make sure to let you know if that changes in the future.

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Are you an Unwither Ring collector in FarmVille, or will this Hawaiian Paradise option be the first one you purchase? Sound off in the comments.