Zynga's Hanging with Friends comes to iPad with native graphics and missions

Way back in June of 2011, Zynga launched Hanging with Friends on iPhone, the company's take on Hangman that can be played asynchronously with friends and strangers alike. At the time, the game was only available for iPhone, but could still be played on iPad if you were willing to accept stretched, sometimes ugly graphics.

All of these months later, Zynga has finally rectified the problem, releasing native iPad apps for both the free (ad-supported) and paid Hanging with Friends versions. In addition to this, missions are now available to complete in the iPad game, giving you a chance to level up as you complete increasingly difficult tasks. These could be anything from simply solving or playing words to solving words without using a specific number of strikes.

The ad-supported version of Hanging with Friends HD can be downloaded for free, while losing the ads (but still gaining all of the extra polish) will set you back the relatively high price tag of $4.99.

Click here to download Hanging with Friends HD Free from iTunes -->

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