We The Kings expands its rule to social gaming with interactive video

We The Kings music video game
We The Kings music video game

Look, we'll admit it, we had no clue what We The Kings was before checking out this nifty interactive music video-meets-social game for the band's newest single, "Say You Like Me." Created by Interlude, an interactive music video creator, players are given control of the bands four members at various points in the story that this music video attempts to tell. (Well, that is if you don't suck.)

While players can romp through the music video themselves, video chat-meets-social games maker Rounds has helped the music video game (get it?) become a social experience with two-player support as well as video chat. Players can team up to tackle "The Bad Guys" who have, of course, kidnapped "The Girl." In order to save "The Girl," players must throw eggs at baddies, cue the guitar and race to the finish line to stop all of the thugs.

However, it is possible to lose, and doing so will limit your high score and basically stop the video dead in its tracks. Interlude offers the game in three difficulties, and all high scores are posted to the We The Kings website for all fans to see. If you're a fan of the band, then how have you not seen this yet? Even if you're not, the "Say You Like Me" game is worth a look-see just to get an idea of how video game might kill the music video star. Take that, The Buggles!

Click here to play We The King' "Say You Like Me" on Rounds (on Facebook) Now >

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