Playfish loves the '80s so much it made a week of it in The Sims Social

The Sims Social 80s Week Keytar
If you happen to own VH1's I Love The '80s series on DVD, then you're going to think this week's The Sims Social update is just tubular. Playfish has just pushed out '80s Week to The Sims Social, the most fabulously retro theme the game has ever seen. Players can dress is dapper leisure suits and leg warmers as well as decorate their place with zebra print rugs and--gasp--VHS players.
The Sims Social Vespertine Cocktail Bar
This week's highlighted item is the Vespertine Cocktail Bar, a decoration that players must buy from the in-game shop and unlock in stages. If players complete the item within two weeks, they'll score an Aquabatix Tubula Tank (or a cylindrical fish tank). A new skill item is available to players in the SimPhonic Keytar, and this week's quest will reward players with a Hatishu Redwood TV.
The Sims Social Hatishu Redwood TV
Players can expect to see lots of pastel and neon colors on their friends' walls this week to accompany the floors covered in black tile and zebra print, well, everything. The most exciting news to hit The Sims Social in this update, however, is the addition of the long-rumored Toyota Prius v through a second quest, which terribly un-'80s ... but who's counting? At any rate, check out what your place could look like this week, and jump on in. Just don't ... you ... forget about me, OK?

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