Zynga Japan's Pokémon clone Montopia catches all the Androids

Montopia on Android
Montopia on Android

And yet, this game is still for Japanese audiences only. Serkan Toto reports that Montopia, Zynga Japan's very own Pokémon clone, has arrived on the Android Market mere days after it hit the App Store for iOS devices. This raises a few questions, namely how in the world did Zynga's Japanese studio turn around another version so quickly? And why isn't this available in the U.S. yet?

To answer the first question, there are a number of ways for Zynga Japan to turn around another version of Montopia so quickly. The studio could have had teams working on both games simultaneously, or one team could have finished both versions of the game before releasing them and simply had the iOS version land first. But Montopia could have also been created using HTML5, which allows game makers to easily release games on multiple platforms at once.

As for why it's not available yet in the U.S, well we have no idea. You'd think that such a game would make money like gangbusters here, what with a clone (if you could even call it that) of Pokémon Yellow rocking the App Store charts before being ripped from the market. And just look at these Pokémon clones available right now on Facebook and smartphones. We can't believe we're actually asking for one of Zynga's clones. Hey, if Nintendo won't, then somebody's gotta.

Do you wish that Zynga would release Montopia to the western App Store and Android Market already? What's your favorite Pokémon clone so far? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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