FarmVille Pic of the Day: Embrace of Swan Lake at Liveloula46's farm

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While she's no Edgar Degas, FarmVille player Liveloula46 has made a comeback after her famous Halloween Dracula farm last year. Degas was a famous French artist, best known for his many Impressionistic paintings of ballerinas, and I'm sure he'd be astounded at the farm pictured above, a clear tribute to the Swan Lake ballet done entirely in hay bales. Another thing I like about this is the fantastical quality of this piece, which is seeing a ballerina leaping into the embrace of a human-sized swan. But believe it or not, real swans can actually grow that large -- we're talking up to 5 feet tall, 20-something pounds, and nearly a 6 feet wingspan!

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To round out the theme, on the right side of this hay bale art is also a tiny cluster of water decor (perhaps, Black Swan Lake and the Duck Pond), seven white Swans, two Black Swans, and what definitely looks like the Pink Swan from last year's Valentine's Day event.

Do you love ballerinas? Do you know the story of Swan Lake? Have you seen the film, "Black Swan" starring Natalie Portman? Sound off in the comments.Add Comment

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