FarmVille: Send and earn free Flower Trucks with friends


Normally, the free items being given away on the left-hand side of the FarmVille gameplay area aren't anything special. From Farmhands to Special Delivery Boxes, they're items that we've seen time and time again, and can earn fairly readily on our own through other means (news feed bonuses and the like). However, today marks an exception to that rule, as a new decorative item is being given away for free.

The item is the Flower Truck, and this is a decoration, rather than an actual vehicle for your farm. It's an old-fashioned truck with large flowers in the truck bed, but you'll need to ask your friends to send you some to actually receive it. Technically, you'll start this process by posting a general news item on your wall offering two Flower Trucks to two different friends. For each friend that clicks on this bonus, you'll also receive a Flower Truck in return, so you've got plenty of incentive to actually offer these to your friends, as it's the easiest way to earn a truck (or two) for yourself.

This Flower Truck will likely only be available for a limited time, so make sure to send some (or ask for some, if you will) as soon as possible to not miss your chance.

Will you go out of your way to earn a Flower Truck or send some of them to your friends? Or, would you prefer it that this be an actual vehicle that we could use for farming our lands? Sound off in the comments.