The Sims Social: Celebrate summer with a free Utopian Floral Bush


To go along with the release of Vacation Homes in the Sims Social, EA and Playfish are giving away a tropical new item on the game's official Facebook fan page. For a limited time, you can now collect your very own Utopian Floral Bush for free by simply clicking right here.

Unfortunately, this is a one-per-person prize, but once you collect yours, you'll find that this outdoor decoration is worth $900 in House Value and 400 Social Points. If you decide that you don't want to keep it, you can sell it from your inventory for 400 Simoleons, but hopefully you'll be able to decide against that. After all, this is a really pretty flower that will help bring a touch of summer to your Sim's home, even if you don't plan on going on an in-game vacation any time soon.

It should also be noted that this Utopian Floral Bush offers an interaction for your Sim in the form of "Water Plants." If you're ever given a quest that asks you to water or otherwise interact with plants, you'll now have one more option available to complete it, without having to resort to tracking down plants in your friends' games.

Just remember, this Utopian Floral Bush will only be given away for a short time, so don't miss your chance at it! We'll make sure to let you know when any other interesting or exclusive prizes are given away for your home in the Sims Social, so keep checking back with us!

What do you think of this free floral bush in the Sims Social? Did you claim one for your own game? What other sorts of tropical items do you home Playfish gives away for your Sim's house? Sound off in the comments.