SimCity 5 sure looks pretty, based on these leaked images [Rumor]

SimCity 5
Between a SimCity game for Facebook that's supposedly in the works and a cross-platform sequel to the acclaimed series, all signs point to some SimCity game that's being worked on somewhere for something and that's to release some time. Fueling the fire behind the rampant rumors are seven leaked pieces of concept art and in-game images posted by users on NeoGAF, a popular discussion board for gamers.

The images first appeared in German gaming magazine Gamestar within a feature claiming that the images depict SImCity 5. The magazine reports that developer Maxis' SimCity 5 is due out in 2013, and that it's about 30 percent complete. However, platforms weren't discussed in the piece, it seems. According to the roughly translated story, staples like graphs, metrics and interactions with city councils, SimCity 5 will focus more on multiplayer than ever.
SimCity 5 screenshot
Players' cities will create regions with intertwining economies that rely on the fluctuating costs of essential commodities. The game will also take a city's citizens into account more. For instance, if unemployment rates increase, so will the amount of homeless roaming the streets. For those who've been hankering for a new SimCity regardless of where it lands, this forum post is well worth the read, which also contains all of the leaked images. We've reached out to EA for comment.

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