Raptr ranks users on how dedicated they are to their favorite games


If you happen to have a Raptr account, you're probably pretty into video games. The social network for gamers already knew this, but today it launched a method to measure how dedicated you are to your favorite games. Raptr can now track the gaming habits of its 12 million users even more deeply through a number of features, and size up them up against their friends for bragging rights and some lucrative rewards.

This new reputation system ranks every Raptr user between "Newbie" and "Elite" based on factors like time played, achievements unlocked and more in the games that players choose to include in their profile. The network will also display news in its relatively new news feed that's more relevant to each, user based on their rank, progress and how recently they've played a given game.

This means that players ranked "Newbie" might be presented with more helpful content in the news feed, like strategy guides and FAQs, while "Elite" players will see more news and cultural content, like player-made tribute videos. The new Raptr offers users several ways to see their own performance from interactive charts and social leaderboards to a percentile ranking system.

In short, Raptr now tells users just how much "gamer cred" they have based on everything the service tracks. The best, or most dedicated, players will earn real rewards for their time spent gaming, though the specifics of which will be revealed later. Everything about this move just screams "hardcore gamer," but based on recent reports issued by Raptr, don't count casual and social games out just yet.

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