Pioneer Trail Building a Train: Everything you need to know


What good is a Train Station without an actual train on the tracks? Pioneer Trail won't let us question that for much longer, as we can now build our very own train in the game. If you're above level 12, you can now jump into this new feature, and can start building a train with your in-game brother Jasper. Of course, this feature has goals to complete, so let's jump into those right now.

Making the Engine Work

  • Craft 3 Wet Cement

  • Clear 50 Stumps

  • Build the Engine Works

Like so many other recent building projects, building the Engine Works requires you to collect items from friends, and even craft some of your own. You'll need eight Massive Crucibles, 4 Wooden Flatbeds, 5 Traincar Frames and 2 Crane Shafts, all of which can be earned by asking friends to send them to you, while a single Steel Axle needs to be crafted using Train Bearings, Molding Waxes, and Steel Ingots. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 250 XP, 200 coins and 5 Steel Forges.

Pampered Passengers

  • Harvest 20 Steel Forges

  • Harvest 100 Cotton

  • Build the Passenger Sleeper and Caboose Cars

Building these three cars is a similar process to building the Engine Works, but you'll need to collect different materials in larger quantities along the way. This does constitute three completely different building steps though, so this particular goal will likely take you quite a while to finish, of course depending on the number of active neighbors you have or willingness to spend Horseshoes. As for the Steel Forges, you can find more of these on the game's free gifts page. Finishing this goal gives you 450 XP, 400 coins and 5 Blazing Star Crops.

Cargo Carriers

  • Collect 40 Nova Buds

  • Tend 15 Green Apple Saplings

  • Build the Fright Cars

Nova Buds drop when tending Blazing Star Crops, which you just received five of for completing the above goal. Others can be purchased in the store for 350 coins each in the store. Green Apple Saplings can also be found on the game's free gifts page, along with the Steel Forges above, so make sure to ask your friends to send you some to finish this goal off. For completing it, you'll receive 950 XP, 800 coins and 4 Pronghorns.

End with the Start

  • Tend 30 Adult Pronghorns

  • Clear 30 Cacti

  • Fix up the Engine Car

The engine car is one last crafting project, requiring a few dozen items in all, most of which can be earned by simply asking your friends to send them to you. As for the Cacti, remember to utilize your Debris Generator, if you've managed to build one on your Homestead, as it can offer you free Cacti at random. When you complete this final goal, you'll have not only completed the construction of the train, but will also receive 1,125 XP, 1,000 coins and 5 Beautyberry Crops.

This feature is still currently rolling out to users, so if you don't have it just yet, just wait a few hours and you should be able to start building your very own train as well!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the train-building process in Pioneer Trail? Were you expecting something so time consuming, or are you disappointed in this feature's complexity? Sound off in the comments.