Catch your tropical escape on the go with Margaritaville Mobile on iPhone

Margaritaville Mobile
Margaritaville Mobile

Well, even more on the go than with an iPad, we guess.THQ and Exploding Barrel Games have announced the Margaritaville Mobile for iPhone, a companion app to Margaritaville Online for both Facebook and iPad. The free app available on the App Store now allows players of either version of the social game to progress their avatars through mini games and other features.

Four mini games are tucked away in Margaritaville Online--Steel Drum Star, Hammock Time, Limbo and Tile Puzzles--for players to hit milestones and earn badges, including the coveted "Guru Game Star" badge. In fact, there are 28 new badges for players to earn in Margaritaville Mobile, and on top of that there are tiers for every badge. Rewards like character hats, fishing lures, an MV Mobile Concoction Creator feature, decorations and one of every food item in the game await players that complete all tiers.

Players can also take photos of themselves and friends, use the app to edit and dress the photos in Margaritaville-themed designs and share with them on Facebook for more badges. And last but certainly not least, you can check-in to physical locations using Margaritaville Mobile to share "Margaritaville Moments." (Hey, something needs to replace "Kodak Moment.")

From the sound of it, Margaritaville Mobile sounds like one jam-packed companion app in a time when most mobile companion apps offer nothing but harvesting crops and bugging friends. We also imagine the idea is for Margaritaville Online to see an increase in players from all the effort Exploding Barrel must have put into Margaritaville Mobile.

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