Zynga plans to put FarmVille.com out to pasture soon, but why?

FarmVille Sad Cow
FarmVille Sad Cow

It's a sad day for FarmVille fans that enjoyed the absence of Facebook (almost) in their digital farming experience. Zynga has made it known to players that it will shut down FarmVille.com "very soon." The developer doesn't provide any more information than what it thinks you need to know.

Attention Farmers! Very soon, FarmVille.com will no longer be available to our players," Zynga's message that hangs above the game reads. "We encourage everyone to play on Facebook where you'll find all your favorite features including widescreen mode!"

There's a difference between "encourage" and "force", but that's beside the point. What's most interesting here is the why, and while we don't much more than you do, we can guess. Zynga is in the middle of getting its Project Z initiative in gear, which will provide Zynga with a more direct connection to its players through zTags on its own, Facebook-supported platform. If there's going to be one place to play all Zynga games away from Facebook, then why have a dedicated destination for FarmVille?

[Via FarmVille Freak]

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