CastleVille Lamont Swamp Quests: Everything you need to know

After finishing the Swamped quests in CastleVille, you'll be challenging with completing an even longer series - the Lamont Swamp - which contains eight different quests to complete in all. Here, we'll apparently meet Lamont, an evil talking tree that lives in the Gloom Swamp. Of course, the entirety of these quests work towards cleansing your Kingdom of the Gloom once and for all, and you'll need the help of friends, along with a lot of your own work to actually finish them all off. Here's a guide on how to do just that.

Root of the Problem

  • Craft 1 Purity Talisman

  • Cleanse 1 Swamp Root

  • Have 3 Swamp Boots

The Purity Talisman is an item crafted inside the Studio, while the Swamp Boots are earned by posting a general news item on your wall. For finishing this quest, you'll receive 750 coins, 15 XP and a Firefly Bush.

Shrine Time

  • Banish 3 of Lamont's Minions

  • Rebuild the Ancient Shrine

  • Gather from the Ancient Shrine 1 Time

If your game doesn't spawn the Minions, you can use potions to make them spawn manually. When you complete this quest, you'll earn 500 coins and 10 XP.

Old Faithful

  • Craft 3 Wood Planks

  • Place 5 Nature items

  • Place and Build a Cleansing Spring

The Wood Planks are crafted in your Workshop, while Nature items include those items like flowers, which cost a relatively small amount in the store. For completing this quest, you'll earn 500 coins, 10 XP and five Swamp Water. Technically, the Swamp Water is a decoration, like the River, but whether or not you actually place it in your kingdom will be up to you.


  • Harvest 10 Cabbage

  • Cleanse 3 Swamp Roots

  • Craft 4 Exploration Crystals

Completing this quest gives you 750 coins and 15 XP.

Finding Lamont

  • Explore the Gloom Swamp to find Lamont

  • Banish 4 Beasties

  • Cleanse 3 Swamp Roots

The Beasties can be any kind of Beastie in the game, so feel free to use some spawning potions to bring some Gloom Rats out as they can be quickly removed with a few energy each. Lamont, meanwhile, is the evil tree with a face that you'll find on the outskirts of your Kingdom. Completing this quest gives you 500 coins and 10 XP.

Odd Pod

  • Craft 3 Purity Wands

  • Use 3 Purity Wands on Gloom Pods

  • Visit 10 Neighbors

Completing this quest gives you 500 coins, 10 XP and a Gargoyle Fountain. This is a decoration that will go into your inventory.

Lamont's Demise

  • Have 4 Purity Wands

  • Use the Purity Wands to Banish Lamont

Just clicking on Lamont will use the Purity Wands that you have in your inventory to banish him. You'll receive 500 coins, 10 XP and a Flower of Life for completing this quest.

Free at Last!

  • Use 3 Super Chops

  • Free the Trapped Boy

  • Gain 150 XP

It turns out that a boy has been trapped inside of Lamont, so you'll need to rescue him to complete this quest. For finishing this final quest in the Lamont Swamp quest line, you'll receive 500 coins and 10 XP.

These quests don't have a time limit, so you can feel free to complete other quests in the game if you'd like to clear them off of your plate before diving into these. Good luck defeating the evil Lamont once and for all!

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