Bubble Atlantis maker rebrands as Social Gaming Network to refocus

Social Gaming Network
Social Gaming Network

MindJolt, one of the top game providers on Facebook and web-based casual games on its own portal, cares more about social games now. And to show as much, the company has rebranded as Social Gaming Network (SGN)--one of the companies it acquired in April 2011--to symbolize its increased focus on games for Facebook, other social networks and mobile devices. According to SGN, the lines between are blurring.

"Our name change embodies the evolution of our business," SGN CEO and MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe told PocketGamer.biz. "The future of SGN is developing a great game once and monetizing it across multiple platforms. More simply, as mobile and social games converge we will be at the forefront of providing users great games regardless of device."

SGN claims that its games have been installed on more than 150 million times on mobile devices and social platforms. With that, the company claims to be "one of the largest cross-platform gaming companies in the world." And now, SGN looks to be everywhere the next wave of social gamers are, and that includes everything from Facebook to iPad and everywhere in between. (Hopefully this means more original social games from SGN as well.)

SGN's CCO, Colin Digiaro told PocketGamer.biz back when his company was still MindJolt that he sees the lines blurring between social and mobile, and we'd be hard-pressed to disagree. (We smell a trend here.) "We don't want to rely on a single platform," said Digiaro. "We see the line between the two is blurring very quickly. As they come together, we'll have a seamless connection."

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