The Top 10 Free iOS and Android Games - February 2012


February was kind of a slow month for mobile gaming on both iOS and Android. Aside from major releases like Gardens of Time and The Simpsons: Tapped Out (and some dastardly clones), not much happened. But what did happen was a major shaking up of both the App Store and the Android Market.

This month, both charts feature brand new games, some of which rocketed to the top in no time at all. With a ton more games for you players to download, here are the Top Free iOS and Android Games of February 2012 (as of this writing):

Top Free iOS Games

Draw Something Free iPhone
Draw Something Free iPhone

1. Draw Something Free
OMGPop's mobile rendition of its Draw My Thing game (pictured right) for Facebook has skyrocketed to the top of the charts. And judging from its Words With Friends-like play hook, this one will stick around for much longer.

2. Move the Box
The charmingly-named Bitchin' Games has players complete several puzzles by moving key boxes in Bejeweled-like fashion. However, players only have a few moves per puzzle to create chain reactions across 168 levels.

3. Police Chase Smash
This little racer by Fun Time Games 3D racing and police chases in the same vein as Need for Speed. Well, maybe if Need for Speed was made by the folks behind San Francisco Rush.

4. Words With Friends
What else can we say about Words With Friends? We're surprised it's even on the charts anymore considering every iPhone ever has it installed.

5. Blosics Free
This Angry Birds-like physics puzzle game by FDG Entertainment (pictured below) allows players to fling balls instead of birds at blocks instead of pigs. But many news outlets warn against calling it out too soon, so maybe it's worth checking out.

6. Temple Run
Imangi Studios' darling still rocks the charts (and our hearts). Seriously, who thought that simply shifting the perspective would breathe new life into the endless runner genre?

Blosics iPhone
Blosics iPhone

7. Scramble With Friends
Not playing Zynga's new word game is like not being a member of some faux literati group. At this point, the rule may as well be that, if Zynga makes a word game, then we play it.

8. Mega Jump
Now, if this isn't a pleasant surprise. Get Set Games has updated one of its most popular games with 20 more levels, a new power-up system and plenty other features to give enough reason for a resurgence.

9. Hanging With Friends
Zynga's take on hangman is deserving of a spot on the charts for--gasp--its originality. Just download this one already.

10. Gardens of Time
Playdom's mobile rendition of its hit hidden-object game on Facebook is now available on iPhone and iPod, hence the surge in downloads, we imagine. Either way, hidden-object lovers would be remiss not to check it out.

Top Free Android Games

Ceramic Destroyer Android
Ceramic Destroyer Android

1. Angry Birds
Guess what? Angry Birds Space is coming on March 22! Isn't that exciting?

2. Ceramic Destroyer
RunnerGames has created a game (pictured right) in which players launch bladed discs at ceramic monuments to blow as much of them as possible. Plus there are four different bomb power-ups--double awesome.

3. Words With Friends
Seriously, it had a Super Bowl ad. How have you not downloaded this yet?

4. Fruit Ninja Free
The official sequel to Fruit Ninja is in the works, so may as well download this to start training. Plus it's a blast, so there.

5. Angry Birds Rio
Also, Rovio launched Angry Birds on Facebook this month. That's exciting, too, no?

6. Shoot Bubble Deluxe
City Games' approach to the bubble blasting genre that games like Bubble Bobble and Snood helped solidify is largely identical. We're still trying to decide whether that's a good or bad thing.

7. Word Search
It's word searches. It's word searches that never end. It's free. It's (and Melimots are) waiting for you to download it.

8. Moto X Mayhem Free
Occamy Games' contribution to the saturated sub genre of bike balancing games, Moto X Mayhem offers an ad-free paid version for $1.99. Try the free version first.

9. Cartoon Wars
Gamevil has crafted an interesting, amusing take on tower defense games by incorporating other strategy elements into the play hook as well. Plus it boasts visuals that look like they're ripped from a kid's sketchbook.

Cartoon Wars Android
Cartoon Wars Android

10. Dream Zoo
Zynga's zoo simulator did well on the iOS App Store as well, so no surprises here. If you find washing and feeding goofy-looking wild animals, then look no further.

[Sources & Image Credits: Apple, Google, Flickr (neubie)]

Which of this month's new iPhone and Android games were your favorite? Which do you think deserve to be on the list? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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