Charlie the Tuna fancies Happy Aquarium for a swim on Facebook

Charlie the Tuna
Charlie the Tuna

The depths of Happy Aquarium have been under the sonar radar for some time. But now, Charlie the Tuna and StarKist look to bring some life to CrowdStar's game through a new promotion. All 3.1 million monthly Happy Aquarium players can get their very own Charlie the Tuna to care for like any other fish in their virtual tank. All players need to do is watch a simple video ad.

Once players unlock Charlie by watching a short video, the new fish will interact with all of players' other fishes. The advertising group behind this promotion, Horizon Media, knows that the event has other benefits for all parties involved.

"With 3 million monthly active users and an audience of over 70 percent women, Happy Aquarium is an ideal platform to reach female players who look to casual games for the relaxation it provides in their busy lifestyles," Brand Group Director at Horizon Media Rob Kalman said in a release. "By offering users the opportunity to earn Charlie the Tuna's bubble blowing character for free, the brand is able to educate consumers about their Pouch products while having fun with consumers the same time."

The whole point of this event is to advertise Starkist's brand new Shelf Stable line of StarKist Flavor Fresh Pouches. The tuna seller looks to Happy Aquarium to up its presence this Lenten season, which is basically prime time for fish. All we care about, however, is playing with our very own Charlie.

Are you psyched to hear that Charlie the Tuna is now available in Happy Aquarium? What do you think of branding in social games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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