Kabam offers Dragons of Atlantis and more through CNET and Pokki

Dragons of Atlantis
Dragons of Atlantis

And here we thought social games were only for Facebook. Kabam, the San Francisco-based social game developer behind hits like Dragons of Atlantis, now offers a number of its games on CNET's Download.com with the help of Pokki. All of Kabam's games that are available as desktop apps through Sweetlabs' Pokki service can now be downloaded for free on the website.

Of course, like most "hardcore" PC games, Kabam's offerings are only available to Windows users. (Mac users can still play the games on Facebook and Google+, of course.) However, this service gives players the option to play without a social network, according to a release, though we don't quite understand the purpose given that the games usually require your friends to help.

"Kabam is excited to open a new chapter in social game distribution by introducing potentially millions of users to full-screen, desktop versions of our popular games on Download.com," Kabam COO Chris Carvalho said in a release. "The partnership with Download.com and Pokki allows us not only to reach large numbers of new players but to enhance our games by enabling even higher retention and 'stickiness' because of the Pokki app's unique qualities."

According to Kabam, the intersection of these three companies marks a few firsts, namely that Download.com is the first platform to offer social games for download. The Edgeworld maker is also the first game developer to bring social games into the PC download space. Launching games even faster is a plus no matter how you slice it, but we'd rather play social games with friends, thanks. Download all of Kabam's games on Pokki through CNET right here.

If more game makers allowed it, would you download social games as if they were traditional PC games? Will this catch on, or is this just a one-time attempt? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.