FarmVille Lucky Rainbow: Everything you need to know

A few days ago, we brought you a sneak peek of the then upcoming Lucky Rainbow feature in FarmVille, the game's collection event for St. Patrick's Day. Now that Hawaiian Paradise has launched for paying customers, if you're still looking for a new gameplay element with which to spend some time (while waiting for that expansion to open up for free), you'll be happy to know that the Lucky Rainbow is now available.

The Lucky Rainbow starts as a fairly large item and only grows from there as you collect three different collectibles for it. Interestingly enough, this feature has been given a bit more structure than most, as we'll only be able to collect one type of collectible for the first few days, with two more being released over time. To be clear, at the time of this writing, you can only collect Shamrocks (either by asking your friends to send them to you or by purchasing them with Farm Cash). These Shamrocks can be used to earn two items:

  • Shamrock Tree - 30 Shamrocks

  • Fighting Irish Duck - 80 Shamrocks

On March 1, we'll be able to unlock a new set of prizes which will require a different collectible to receive. If you don't want to wait, or even collect any items in the first place, you can purchase additional sets of prizes (and the prizes themselves) with Farm Cash. For instance, the Shamrock Tree costs just 6 Farm Cash if you'd rather save all of your Shamrocks up for the Fighting Irish Duck.

We'll make sure to update this space when we've learned more about the individual prizes that will be available in the Lucky Rainbow (including the prize available for collecting 300 total items), so keep checking back with us!

Are you excited to see the Lucky Rainbow finally launch in FarmVille? What do you think of the prizes we know of so far? Sound off in the comments.