FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise: Expand your land for Coconuts right away

Rather than forcing players to wait weeks or even months for new land expansions to launch in FarmVille's newest farm, Hawaiian Paradise, Zynga has released this newest farm alongside five expansions that can be purchased for Coconuts, this newest farm's version of Coins. Remember, in order to plant more land and water crops, you'll need to keep expanding this new farm, as we're once again limited to the maximum number of plots available, depending on the size of the island. To begin with, you can plant 10 water crops and 45 land crops at once, so here's a complete rundown on how to earn even more space and crop availability for your tropical farm!

Sandy Shoal - 14x14

  • Costs: 15,000 Coconuts

  • 55 Land Plots

  • 20 Water Plots

Sweet Sandbar - 16x16

  • Costs: 35,000 Coconuts

  • 65 Land Plots

  • 40 Water Plots

Adorable Islet - 18x18

  • Costs: 65,000 Coconuts

  • 90 Land Plots

  • 60 Water Plots

Tropical Isle - 20x20

  • Costs: 105,000 Coconuts

  • 100 Land Plots

  • 85 Water Plots

Sunny Island - 22x22

  • Costs: 150,000 Coconuts

  • 145 Land Plots

  • 110 Water Plots

All of these expansions can also be purchased with Farm Cash, if you'd rather not wait until you've earned enough Coconuts the old fashioned (read: free) way. There are also five additional expansions that are only available for Farm Cash, bringing your farm up to the 32x32 land size, allowing a maximum of 370 Land plots and 260 Water plots at this largest size. These Farm Cash expansions cost at least 100 Farm Cash each, so make sure you really want them before shelling out that much real world money just for more space.

As usual, we'll make sure to let you know as additional land expansions are released for coins, so keep saving up those Coconuts - you never know when you might need them in bulk to unlock a new farm!

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Are you excited to see Coconut expansions available immediately in Hawaiian Paradise, or are you fine waiting to expand either way? Sound off in the comments.