FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise: Store your animals in themed habitats

While it may have taken a few months for FarmVille's Winter Wonderland to be completely outfitted with themed animal storage buildings - the Livestock Pen, Aviary and the like - the game's newest farm, Hawaiian Paradise, has them right from the beginning. What's more, you can add one of each to your newest farm for free, or just a single Coconut, leaving you with plenty of your new currency for other things!

To be specific, there are "Island" versions of the Aviary, Livestock Pen, Horse Paddock, Cow Pasture, Zoo, Pet Run and Wildlife Habitat available to purchase for your new island farm. Completing each is the same process you'd expect. You'll need to collect the same three building ingredients that you would for all other versions of that same building (so, in the case of the Aviary you would need to collect Clamps, Hinges and Screwdrivers, as one example), and will receive a free animal for completing each individual building.

You can expand these structures to hold more than the original 20 animal limit, by simply collecting more and more of those same building materials, so if you've been saving up after finishing things off elsewhere, you might be able to completely outfit your newest farm with a set of these buildings without doing much extra work. With so many Hawaiian-themed animals already being available to purchase in the store, along with the release of the new habitat in the Aquarium, it's likely they'll wind up full before you know it!

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Are you excited to start building these Island-themed habitats, without having to wait weeks or months as we have been forced to before? Sound off in the comments.