FarmVille Farm Cash Sweepstakes: Everything you need to know

Forget the FarmVilleRaffle Booth - something with a lot more potential has launched in FarmVille this afternoon: the Farm Cash lottery, or sweepstakes! Each week for the foreseeable future, Zynga will hold a random number drawing in FarmVille, giving players a chance to win thousands upon thousands of Farm Cash as the grand prize. Here's how it works.

Like in any lottery system, you'll have a chance to pick your favorite numbers. In this case, you'll be able to choose any four numbers between 1 and 64, or you can simply allow the game to pick four numbers at random. Each ticket (that is, each set of four numbers chosen) costs 10 Farm Cash, and you can purchase up to 16 tickets in each weekly sweepstakes cycle.

The first drawing will take place in five days (Sunday, March 4), and another will take place every week from there on in. Depending on how many numbers of the four you match, your prize will increase greatly, all of the way up to the grand prize for that week. While there's no telling exactly how high the grand prize can climb, let's put it this way: there are still almost six days left in this first drawing, and the grand prize is already at 26,000 Farm Cash and climbing. Here's the rest of the prizes up for grabs:

  • Match 1 out of 4 Numbers: 10 Farm Cash

  • Match 2: 30 Farm Cash

  • Match 3: 500 Farm Cash

  • Match All 4: Grand Prize

As you can see, even matching three out of four numbers will set you up with plenty of Farm Cash to last quite a while. Still, as with any lottery or gambling system, you're throwing Farm Cash at something with no guarantee to receive any back, so please play responsibly. Good luck!

Will you purchase a ticket or two in each week's FarmVille Farm Cash Sweepstakes? Sound off in the comments.