CityVille Welcome the World Japan Goals: Everything you need to know


The Welcome the World event continues in CityVille this week, as Japan is now being represented via a trio of new goals. You'll be required to complete a new building project to finish these goals, but you'll be rewarded with some additional new items along the way (in addition to experience points or coins). Here's a complete look at the new goals to help you get started. Note: You can find these goals at any time by looking under Act 2 of the Welcome the World event menu on the left-hand side of your game's screen.

Welcome Japan!

  • Place Golden Palace

  • Collect 20 Cherry Blossoms

  • Collect 10 Dango from Japanese Restaurants

The Japanese Restaurants are items like the Noodle Shop or the One Leaf Tea Shop. The Cherry Blossoms, meanwhile, are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. Finally, the Golden Palace is a new housing unit that takes 10 energy to build. You'll need to ask 12 friends to come and join this building as staff, but when it's finished, it will give your city a population boost of 700 citizens (up to 1,180 with random population boosts). For finishing this goal, you'll receive a Japanese House, which offers 500 - 920 citizens to your town.

Say Hello to Tokyo!

  • Collect from 30 Skyrise Residences

  • Ask friends for 15 Origami Buildings

  • Collect 15 City Sketches from Community Buildings

Skyrise homes are a category of home including items like the Eco Skyscraper, Penthouse Tower, Skyscraper Condos and more. You can find a full list of the 19 known homes eligible for this goal right here. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 15 XP and 2,000 coins.

The Rising Son

  • Collect from Golden Palace 6 Times

  • Collect from City Dojo 10 Times

  • Collect from Japanese Businesses 20 Times

This goal is more time consuming than difficult, so long as you have an upgraded City Dojo in your city to collect from. When you eventually complete this goal, you'll receive the Mugatu Media Inc building, a community building that raises your maximum population allowance by 1,200 citizens and requires 12 energy to build.

As this is the first portion of Act 2 in the CityVille Welcome the World event, we're now working towards another prize: the World Zeppelin. There are still two more goal series that have yet to be released in this quest for the World Zeppelin, so keep checking back with us as we bring you more information in the future. Good luck finishing all of these goals in your city!

[Via CityVille Wiki]

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