Wealthy Banker Reportedly Tells Waitress To 'Get A Real Job'

get a real job receipt waitressUpdate: On Monday evening, the True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach released a statement, which called the receipt "altered and exaggerated." The "Future Ex Banker" blog and Twitter account, which originally posted and sent out the image, have both been taken down.

It's tough to be a food server. Most restaurants don't offer health insurance or paid sick days. And if you're a woman, you face rampant harassment and discrimination, according to a new study. And even though you spend the whole day on your feet, perhaps making a sub-minimum wage of $2.13 an hour, at least one jerk out there purportedly thinks it's not a real job.

Earlier this month, a waitress at True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach, Calif., reportedly was tipped $1.33 on a $133.54 bill -- significantly below the 15 to 20 percent standard gratuity. The diner then purportedly annotated the bill with a career "tip": "GET A REAL JOB."

Twitterer @FutureExBanker sent the receipt to Eater New York's Receiptrocity series, as evidence that his or her boss "so loathes the 99%, my jerk boss tips exactly 1%." FutureExBanker even started a blog to track his employer's regular toolishness, although at some point in the last couple of days, both the man's blog and Twitter account have been shut down. Given the media attention that his boss' latest alleged fiendishness received, it's possible that he found out about his underling's online dissidence.

Given the boss' apparent temperament, it's unlikely he would take the discovery well.

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