Here's every item available in The Sims Social's first Vacation Home

The Sims Social Ice Cream Maker
The Sims Social has finally given players a new home to decorate and play around in. Of course, those two lovely activities wouldn't be possible without the myriad items that Playfish introduced to the game with this week's Vacation Homes feature. While the majority of the items would only be appropriate in Littlehaven Shores, they're nevertheless appealing.

With that, Playfish provides players a visual guide to all of the items available in this week's theme attached to Vacation Homes. While the majority of these items have been available to players since the feature launched last Thursday, just today saw the launch of a brand new Skill item, Mr. Fud's Ice Cream Maker. Check out all of the items below before you decide which are worth your precious Simoleons and SimCash:
The Sims Social Vacation Homes items
[Image Credit: Playfish]

Are you wowed by any of the decorations or special items released with this new feature? What do you think of Vacation Homes overall? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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