RockYou wants you to get Hooked, now on iOS


Back in October, RockYou released Hooked on Facebook, a fish-themed card game, asking you to make the best hand of five fish-cards possible by selecting from random cards that are given to you for each hand. The gameplay is setup in 60-second intervals, making this the perfect "pick up and play" experience, which has become even more so with the launch of the game on iOS.

Instead of being one universal app, Hooked Mobile actually comes in separate apps for iPhone and iPad, but both are free to download. You'll be able to connect to your Facebook account, and from there can dive into the same gameplay as in the Facebook game. You'll only have one location within which to play at first, but five other locations can be unlocked over time.

All of the game's sound effects, power-ups (and overall polish) have been carried over to this mobile version, so if you're looking for a fun card game that you can play on the go (even if you've yet to try the game on Facebook), make sure to try the game out for free by downloading it from iTunes.

Download Hooked Mobile on iTunes --->

Have you tried Hooked Mobile on your iPhone or iPad? What do you think of the game's transition to the mobile space? Sound off in the comments.