FarmVille Pic of the Day: Love floats and hate sinks at lisaperry1970's farm

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And this makes three. Yes, ladies and gents, there's definitely been enough floating farms these past few weeks to call it the latest favorite among FarmVille players. On top of that, the creator of today's farm, lisaperry1970, is one we've showcased before. Her last theme was a Valentine's Day farm that contained a custom-built wedding chapel to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary. That farm had some floating elements to it, but they were peripheral to her main design.

Her present farm is less cluttered and more focused. On the top corner of the farm, she's got a completely lovey-dovey, floating fortress with a dark underbelly. To the flanks of the fortress, you get the illusion of a second layer, which extends the darkness. Aside from that neat depth of field, she's also played with negative space by arranging her farm plots so that the empty spaces spell out "LOVE" on the left and "HATE" on the right. She calls this farm, "A fine line between love & hate." For better detail of this farm, check out the creator's forum thread.

Are you in love or in hate right now?
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