Zynga treats its travel bug: FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise, CityVille Islands

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise
Between Vacation Homes in The Sims Social and now FarmVille's Hawaiian Paradise, it looks like the top game makers on Facebook are hankering for a hot week away. The fifth farm in Zynga's flagship game is now available to all players willing to fork up the 45 Farm Cash, while all players Level 15 and up can get in on the aquaculture action starting March 5.

Yes, we most certainly did say "aquaculture". It's one of the new features to FarmVille coming with Hawaiian Paradise, which allows players to harvest new crops like kelp, mussels, shrimp and more on their new farm plots in paradise. This also marks the arrival of sea creatures--yes, like dolphins--to FarmVille's exhaustive list of interactive animals.
FarmVille Hawaiian Farm
In this FarmVille expansion, it's up to players to restore a volcanic reef by surrounding it with tropical crops, trees and animals. Along the way, players will get to uncover buried treasure both on land and under the sea. The most interesting feature in Hawaiian Paradise may actually be Coconuts, the stand-in for coins as currency in the new land.

CityVille has also contracted the travel bug, as CityVille Islands is set to release on Feb. 29. This expansion will have players Level 47 and up build their very own mainland marina and ferry building. Both buildings will allow players to visit new (is)lands, like Aloha Island and Leisure Island, two new places for players to build resort towns. We're told that another island, Fisherman's Cove, will also provide players with premium goods storage.
FarmVille Sharky Sheep
Both Hawaiian Paradise in FarmVille and Islands headed to CityVille look to be some of the largest content updates either game has seen yet. We're sure you're excited about two of the biggest games on Facebook heading south for the winter, but now all we want is for spring to get here already.

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